Blumen Group acquires three brands from the Henkel Group

Thanks to the acquisition of Fito, DueCi and Get Off Blumen Group, the Italian leader in the seed sector, reinforces its position as protagonist in plant care and nutrition and opens in the UK and Hungary
Piacenza, 26 October 2015 – Blumen Group, the Italian leader in the production and sale of seeds for the hobbyist and professional markets, announces the purchase of the Fito, DueCi and Get Off labels from the German Henkel Group.
The three labels will be added to the other seven already produced and distributed by Blumen thus broadening their range for plant care and nutrition, which includes such well-known brands as Crescita Miracolosa, and reinforcing the company’s position in this segment, complementary to the seeds market in which Blumen has been the absolute leader since the 1980s.
The acquisition offers Blumen the opportunity to increase their international presence by opening up the UK and Hungarian markets where Get Off and Fito are already distributed.
DueCi has four product lines for plants (nutrition, protection, cosmetic and soils), Fito manufactures plants and flower care products which are distributed in garden centres and DIY stores, while Get Off produces dog and cat repellents.
With Get Off, Blumen enters a new market segment, similar to the pet care market, which the group intends to develop further with its sales network in both large scale and specialized retailers.
“This acquisition is fundamental for our strategy of consolidation and development which we have been applying for several years and which has established Blumen as absolute leader in the Italian seeds market and has now launched the company into the European market not only this segment but also for plant care,” commented Roberto Tencani, Managing Director of Blumen. “Thanks to the synergy in distribution we will be able to create, we expect to reach a turnover of € 35 million in 2016, compared to € 30 million forecast for this year, and we are confident of further growth in the next few years.”
“Adding these prestigious new brands to Blumen’s catalogue is of particular satisfaction to me, but also a new stimulus to further expand the distribution of our products in Europe,” says Raffaele Falangi, Head of the hobbyist division in Blumen. “Through the international sales network of Fito and Get Off, we will promote our selected brands, developing synergies which will enable us to expand our presence rapidly in high potential countries such as Great Britain which has a strong gardening tradition and culture.”
The acquisition of the labels was carried out with the support of IGI SGR, the majority shareholder of Blumen Group through its fund IGI Investimenti Quattro since 2012 when it invested in the company with the aim of sustaining its plan for growth and international expansion.
Matteo Cirla, Managing Director of IGI SGR says, “The excellent growth of the last few years, thanks to the commitment of the management and the possibility to carry out acquisitions in Italy and abroad, has made Blumen one of the best investments of IGI SGR and affirms the soundness of our investment strategy …

Rollon takes over the German company Hegra

A step forward in the development of the Rollon Group. With this deal the group based north of Milan (Brianza) strengthens its leading position in the range of linear guides available and opens the way toward the acquisition of new shares in the international market.
Milan, 8th October 2015 – Rollon, the international group based in Vimercate, world leader in the production of linear motion systems for various sectors – from railways to aerospace, machine tools and medical equipment, announces the closing of a deal to take over the German company Hegra which specialises in the production of telescopic and linear guides.
The acquisition aims at strengthening Rollon’s range of linear motion solutions, broadening the current range with complementary products and reinforcing the presence of Rollon in the market sector of medium load guides and also heavy duty equipment.
The takeover of Hegra will enable Rollon to offer not only guides with new profiles and materials but also completely customised and highly performing solutions, thus moving toward an increasingly sophisticated offer that can meet the application needs of the customers. The deal is in line with Rollon’s clear growth strategy which is based on the acquisition of manufacturing companies with which it can integrate perfectly at the commercial level and with which it has a mutually complementary function at the industrial level.
Hegra, based in Limburg near Dusseldorf, has become an acknowledged leader in a niche market thanks to its ability to provide highly customised solutions for clients throughout the world.
The takeover also contributes to the expansion of Rollon into new market areas, starting with emerging markets such as China and India where the group has recently opened two wholly owned subsidiaries, in addition to improving the offer of Rollon in the German, European and U.S. markets.
Rollon closed 2014 with a growth in turnover of 6% and is estimated to close 2015 with a two-digit growth rate. In the same year it opened new subsidiaries in Shanghai in China and Bangalore in India, in addition to those already present in France, Germany, USA and the commercial offices in Russia and Brazil. In January 2015 Rollon bought out the Tecno Center of Turin, acquiring still greater strength in the segment of linear actuators. Today Rollon counts more than 350 employees within the group, of which more than half work at the production plant in Vimercate.
The takeover was finalised with the support of Linear Guides BV (controlled by Chequers Capital) and its partner in Rollon IGI SGR, who together intend to provide additional resources for acquisitions in the linear motion market segment.
“Chequers, which is indirectly the majority shareholder of Rollon, is very supportive of the Hegra acquisition which completes Rollon’s range of linear guides; it is a very complementary range, a very good fit to the existing Group. It is a decisive step to grow further in its market.” said Jérôme Kinas, Manager of Linear Guides BV and Managing Director of Chequers Capital.
 “We invested in Rollon for the purpose of supporting the growth and international development plan also by means of takeovers” said Matteo Cirla,Managing Partner of IGI Sgr. …

IGI SGR and NEIP III acquire Vimec

Milan, 21 April 2015 – IGI SGR S.p.A. and NEIP III have acquired Vimec S.r.l., the Italian leader and global player in the design and production of stair lifts, platforms lifts and elevators providing solutions for the accessibility of public and private premises.
 With this operation, IGI SGR, through the funds IGI Investimenti Cinque and IGI Investimenti Cinque Parallel, holds 67% of the capital of Vimec, while NEIP III, the investment company managed by Finint & Partners (the international financial group), has a stake of 32%. The remaining 1% is retained by the Managing Director of Vimec, Giuseppe Lupo, who will continue in his current position.
Vimec, founded in 1980, has its head offices and production site in Luzzara (Reggio Emilia) and operates worldwide through its subsidiaries in Spain, France, Great Britain and Poland as well as through its distribution network in 60 countries including Russia, Germany, East Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America and China. With more than 160 employees, an extensive commercial network and widespread service centres, Vimec has quickly achieved its position as the leading operator in Italy and among the top international players with a turnover of around € 50 million and 60% exports in 2014.
 The current operation is the third by the funds IGI Investimenti Cinque and Parallel, following the acquisition of 100% of the capital of FI.MO.TEC. S.p.A. (leader in fixing systems for the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors) and the acquisition of a majority stake in Rollon S.p.A. (producer of linear motion systems) together with Chequers Capital. As such, IGI SGR has invested 50% of IGI Investimenti Cinque and forecasts completing the investment of the fund with two other operations focused on developing of Italian firms of excellence before launching the fund-raising for IGI Investimenti Sei.
The Vimec acquisition is the fifth for NEIP III, following investments in Lafert S.p.A. (a motor manufacturer based in San Donà di Piave, Venice), Nuova Giungas S.r.l. (world-leading producer of insulating joints for the oil & gas industry based near Modena), Forno D’Asolo S.p.A. (producer and distributor of frozen cake products based in Maser, Treviso) and ABL S.r.l (manufacturer of machines for fresh fruit processing).
 Angelo Mastrandrea, Investment Director of IGI SGR and Chairman of Vimec says, “We strongly desired the investment in Vimec, intending to boost development through its management and further acquisitions. We aim to reinforce the presence of the group in strategic markets by opening new branches and to penetrate countries with strong growth potential. Particular attention will be given to the development of the service business and to increasing the product range.
 Domenico Tonussi, Managing Director of Finint & Partners stresses that “Vimec represents a typical investment for NEIP III. It is a company with high technical expertise which successfully operates in a growing market with a strong focus on in increasing exports”. “With Vimec,” he concludes, “we add another excellent Italian firm to our portfolio, confirming our investment strategy of providing financial andmanagerial resources to companies which are leaders in their markets and can substantially increase …

IGI SGR acquires 100% of FI.MO.TEC. S.p.a.

IGI SGR S.p.A., through the funds IGI Investimenti Cinque and IGI Investimenti Cinque Parallel, has acquired 100% of FI.MO.TEC. S.p.A.
Established in 1933, FI.MO.TEC. is based in Cologno Monzese and operates worldwide through its four subsidiaries in India, the USA, Germany and France, generating a turnover of over € 22 million per year.
FI.MO.TEC. is a market leader in the design, production and sales of cable fixing systems and accessories mainly for the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors. The company’s leading position and constant innovation in products and services will ensure its place among the industrial players involved in the Broadband 2020 development plan which foresees the changeover from coaxial cable to optical fiber with an upgrade of the entire related infrastructure. The existing 60,000 towers in Italy will need to be recabled using around 6 million fixing systems. Similar programs to increase capacity with a technological upgrade are foreseen throughout Europe and in the USA.
Matteo Cirla, Managing Partner of IGI SGR says, “We have invested in FI.MO.TEC. with the aim of sustaining development both internally and externally. We are targeting new markets with high potential, as well as broadening the product range with systems for sectors similar to the traditional areas.”
This operation is the second carried out by the funds IGI Investimenti Cinque and IGI Investimenti Cinque Parallel, following the co-investment with Chequers Capital in Gruppo Rollon.

Rollon acquires branch of Turin-based company Tecno Center

The move has allowed Rollon to earn a leading position in Europe for its line of actuators, and also opens the field for future acquisitions of new market shares, mainly in Germany, France, the USA and emerging countries.
A new growth phase for Rollon, which over the past year has opened two branches – in China and India – and is growing by 6% annually.
Milan, 13 January 2015 – Rollon, the international group based in Vimercate, a world leader in the production of linear motion systems for various sectors, announces the closure of the transaction with the Italian company Tecno Center involving the acquisition of the Turin producer of linear actuators and components for linear motion systems for industrial automation. Rollon entered the linear actuator market in 2011 by acquiring the Italian company El.More.
The Tecno Center acquisition aims at strengthening Rollon’s offer in the actuator segment, as well as expanding its current range with complementary and technologically advanced and more complex products capable of high performance in applications in industrial sectors such as domestic appliances, automotive and machine tools. As a result, Rollon’s actuator range is the most competitive in Italy and among the most complete worldwide, which strengthens the group’s offer in Italy and all other areas where Rollon is already present with branches or sales offices: in Europe (Germany and France), the USA, and emerging markets (Brazil, Russia, China and India).
The acquisition is aligned with Rollon’s growth strategy, which is focused on purchasing an industrial production company to create perfect integration  an industrial level and leverage commercial synergies: Tecno Center will be able to take advantage of the international network of Rollon. Tecno Center products are already being made in Vimercate where the entire workforce of the Turin company is now employed.
Tecno Center, founded in 1971 in Venaria Reale (Turin), can boast strong leadership in the national market, where it generates about 80% of its income, while the remaining 20% comes from abroad. In 2014 Rollon saw a growth in revenue of 6%. In the same year it opened new branches in Shanghai, China and Bangalore, India, which have been added to its existing branches in France, Germany, and the USA and its sales offices in Russia and Brazil. Today, the Group has over 300 employees, over half of which work at the factory in Vimercate, the only one of its kind in the world.
The acquisition was finalized with the support and commitment of Chequers Capital and IGI SGR, the majority shareholders. The involvement of Chequers Capital as the majority shareholder of Rollon, alongside its co-investor IGI SGR, gives Rollon the means to consider acquisitions of any size in the linear guides market segment in which the group operates. This acquisition also demonstrates the approach of both Chequers Capital and IGI SGR to pursue the growth of their portfolio companies through an active acquisition policy.
“Chequers is very happy with the Tecno Center acquisition which complements Rollon’s actuators line and will boost further organic growth in the European markets only one year after …

IGI SGR and the Chiarva Group sell a stake in Gruppo Fabbri Vignola to Lincolnshire

IGI SGR and the Chiarva Group have sold a stake in Gruppo Fabbri Vignola (“GFV”) to Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV, managed by Lincolnshire Management Inc., thus reinforcing the current shareholders structure.
This is the first operation in Italy for the American fund Lincolnshire which, following the acquisition, now holds a significant stake in the company.
IGI, through the fund IGI Investimenti Quattro, and the Chiarva Group had bought 100% of GFV from the Fabbri family in 2011; they remain shareholders in the company.
GFV is an international leader in the production of machines and film for the food packaging industry with a consolidated turnover in 2013 of nearly € 100 million. The company has 500 employees and holds 150 international patents; it is present in over 70 countries and has three production sites in Italy and Switzerland and four foreign branches (France, Germany, the UK and Switzerland).
Elisabetta Oliveri, Managing Director of GFV commented “We are pleased with this operation which moves GFV onto the next phase of development with the help of Lincolnshire. We foresee growth principally in foreign markets such as the USA and Eastern Europe. GFV is managed in an increasingly professional and business-like manner, and this approach will enable us to accelerate the technological development which will ensure that GFV remains the market leader.”
This is the third operation by IGI in only 5 months after the acquisition of the Rollon Group last November together with Chequers Capital and the sale of the stake in Valvitalia to Fondo Strategico Italiano in January 2014.
Matteo Cirla, Managing Director of IGI said “We invested in Fabbri to oversee its transformation into a management-led business and support its international expansion, objectives reached in three years during which the company improved profitability substantially. We remain shareholders alongside an international partner of the calibre of Lincolnshire because we believe in the managers and in the possibility to expand in the international markets together with Lincolnshire.”
Ottavio Serena di Lapigio, Managing Director of Lincolnshire Management Inc. commented “We have been looking at various opportunities in Italy in the last few years and now we have managed to invest with partners with an excellent reputation. We are sure of further developing a company with a great past track record and with a future will certainly be even better. The management team led by Elisabetta Oliveri is one of the best that we have seen and we are fully confident of their ability to support the further development and growth of Gruppo Fabbri”.
The operation was financed by the Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna, Cariparma Crédit Agricole and GE Capital Interbanca.

IGI SGR and Synergo sell their stake in Valvitalia to Fondo Strategico Italiano and Finvalv

IGI SGR, Chequers Capital and Synergo SGR have sold their 50.5% stake in Valvitalia, acquired in 2007, to Fondo Strategico Italiano (49.5%) and Finvalv (4.3%).  Finvalv is the holding company of the family of the founder of Valvitalia, Salvatore Ruggeri.
In 2013 Valvitalia achieved a turnover of € 413 million and an Ebitda of € 72 million, a significant rise compared to 2012.  The company manufactures almost all its products in Italy, has over 1000 employees and exports more than 90% of its production to 104 countries throughout the world.  It is one of the main manufacturers of flow control components for the oil and gas industry, as well as components for electricity generation, desalination equipment and shipbuilding.
Matteo Cirla, Managing Director of IGI said “The investment in Valvitalia is emblematic of IGI’s strategy with which we intend to continue , that is working alongside entrepreneurs pursuing growth and international expansion.  I personally followed the investment when I was in Synergo from 2007 to 2010 and continued to do so when I moved to IGI.  We are also very pleased for Chequers, who entered the investment in 2010, proving the vocation of IGI to be a local partner capable of originating and actively following buyout operations alongside big international funds.  With the sale of Valvitalia and the recent acquisition of Rollon, IGI and Chequers have invested € 100 million together.

IGI SGR and Chequers Capital new majority partners in Rollon

IGI SGR and Chequers Capital, the French private equity firm, have acquired control of the Rollon Group, previously held by Ardian and Consilium SR.
Based in Vimercate (Italy), Rollon is a leading Italian manufacturer of medium-precision linear bearings and actuators.  80% of its revenues are generated abroad through its branches in Germany, France and the United States.  Among the company’s strong points are its high standards of customer service and pre-sales assistance as well as the manufacture of custom-made products.  In 2013 turnover reached € 55 million.
The new shareholders intend to support Rollon in further growth and expansion into new markets, in particular in the Far East.
The operation involved a management buyout led by the current Managing Director of the Group, Eraldo Bianchessi who commented that “Rollon is a great Italian company with a broad international reach and is the world leader in linear motion.  The management team has invested in a substantial minority stake together with IGI and Chequers to meet the challenges of the market and our customers.”
Matteo Cirla, Managing Director of IGI, said “We’ve known Eraldo Bianchessi for some time having already had the pleasure to invest with him and we also knew the firm as we made a bid for it previously.  We are very happy to have closed this investment with Chequers, consolidating our vocation as a local partner alongside a major player in international buyouts.