IGI SGR, Chequers Capital and Synergo SGR have sold their 50.5% stake in Valvitalia, acquired in 2007, to Fondo Strategico Italiano (49.5%) and Finvalv (4.3%).  Finvalv is the holding company of the family of the founder of Valvitalia, Salvatore Ruggeri.

In 2013 Valvitalia achieved a turnover of € 413 million and an Ebitda of € 72 million, a significant rise compared to 2012.  The company manufactures almost all its products in Italy, has over 1000 employees and exports more than 90% of its production to 104 countries throughout the world.  It is one of the main manufacturers of flow control components for the oil and gas industry, as well as components for electricity generation, desalination equipment and shipbuilding.

Matteo Cirla, Managing Director of IGI said “The investment in Valvitalia is emblematic of IGI’s strategy with which we intend to continue , that is working alongside entrepreneurs pursuing growth and international expansion.  I personally followed the investment when I was in Synergo from 2007 to 2010 and continued to do so when I moved to IGI.  We are also very pleased for Chequers, who entered the investment in 2010, proving the vocation of IGI to be a local partner capable of originating and actively following buyout operations alongside big international funds.  With the sale of Valvitalia and the recent acquisition of Rollon, IGI and Chequers have invested € 100 million together.