A step forward in the development of the Rollon Group. With this deal the group based north of Milan (Brianza) strengthens its leading position in the range of linear guides available and opens the way toward the acquisition of new shares in the international market.

Milan, 8th October 2015 – Rollon, the international group based in Vimercate, world leader in the production of linear motion systems for various sectors – from railways to aerospace, machine tools and medical equipment, announces the closing of a deal to take over the German company Hegra which specialises in the production of telescopic and linear guides.

The acquisition aims at strengthening Rollon’s range of linear motion solutions, broadening the current range with complementary products and reinforcing the presence of Rollon in the market sector of medium load guides and also heavy duty equipment.

The takeover of Hegra will enable Rollon to offer not only guides with new profiles and materials but also completely customised and highly performing solutions, thus moving toward an increasingly sophisticated offer that can meet the application needs of the customers. The deal is in line with Rollon’s clear growth strategy which is based on the acquisition of manufacturing companies with which it can integrate perfectly at the commercial level and with which it has a mutually complementary function at the industrial level.

Hegra, based in Limburg near Dusseldorf, has become an acknowledged leader in a niche market thanks to its ability to provide highly customised solutions for clients throughout the world.

The takeover also contributes to the expansion of Rollon into new market areas, starting with emerging markets such as China and India where the group has recently opened two wholly owned subsidiaries, in addition to improving the offer of Rollon in the German, European and U.S. markets.

Rollon closed 2014 with a growth in turnover of 6% and is estimated to close 2015 with a two-digit growth rate. In the same year it opened new subsidiaries in Shanghai in China and Bangalore in India, in addition to those already present in France, Germany, USA and the commercial offices in Russia and Brazil. In January 2015 Rollon bought out the Tecno Center of Turin, acquiring still greater strength in the segment of linear actuators. Today Rollon counts more than 350 employees within the group, of which more than half work at the production plant in Vimercate.

The takeover was finalised with the support of Linear Guides BV (controlled by Chequers Capital) and its partner in Rollon IGI SGR, who together intend to provide additional resources for acquisitions in the linear motion market segment.

“Chequers, which is indirectly the majority shareholder of Rollon, is very supportive of the Hegra acquisition which completes Rollon’s range of linear guides; it is a very complementary range, a very good fit to the existing Group. It is a decisive step to grow further in its market.” said Jérôme Kinas, Manager of Linear Guides BV and Managing Director of Chequers Capital.

 “We invested in Rollon for the purpose of supporting the growth and international development plan also by means of takeovers” said Matteo Cirla,Managing Partner of IGI Sgr. “The present deal is the second operation in the last few months. The first, which brought Tecno Center into the group, has already created substantial cooperation at the commercial level and we are convinced that the acquisition of Hegra will also be able to give the same satisfaction”.

“The acquisition of Hegra is another important step forward in the growth strategy of Rollon and expansion into new business segments that broaden the range of products of the group to offer one of the most complete in the world” commented Eraldo BianchessiCEO of the Rollon Group. “The deal is good news not only for Rollon but also for the entire linear motion market which will always find a global provider in Rollon for every linear motion solution”.

In the acquisition of Hegra, K-Finance acted as financial advisor.