Matec, founded in 2004 in Massa (Tuscany), is active in the design and construction of plant for the water filtration of closed industrial processes in various sectors.

The main sectors of application are mining, aggregates, construction & demolition, concrete & tunneling, marble & granite, ceramics, glass, plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

The filter press is the central product of the purification plants around which Matec was founded and developed to become the leading manufacturer of filter presses in Italy in 2016. Over time, Matec has also expanded into other products to create a complete washing and purification plant, integrating vertically and starting to produce and/or market machines for washing and, more recently, for crushing. This has allowed Matec to offer a full product range and to be able to provide customers with complete systems, proposing itself as a one-stop-shop for 360° solutions.

Matec today is one of the main operators in the world of industrial wastewater purification and filtration plants, with more than 4000 installations worldwide and an export share of about 84% in 2021, thanks to a consolidated presence in almost all continents, with branches in the USA and Brazil, and sales offices in India, Australia, UK, France, Turkey, Germany, Scandinavia, Morocco, as well as a network of global dealers.


Sales process launched by the company; beauty contest with included other financial investors.

Transaction Structure

IGI acquired Matec through a leveraged buy-out with reinvestment by the two founding partners and Managing Directors of the group in a minority stake.

Investment Rationale

Matec has a strong competitive position thanks to the widely recognized quality and reliability of its products, the level of flexibility and service and the company’s ability to offer customized solutions based on customer needs.

The company has solid internal technical know-how, supported by extensive R&D activity, and high engineering skills which allow it to support customers in identifying and designing the most suitable solutions and to create effective, efficient systems for numerous sectors and applications.

It is able to offer a complete portfolio of products, from crushing machines to washing, filtration and purification, as well as a complete package of services, from analysis and design to after-sales assistance and spare parts, elements that make Matec a unique partner and solution provider for the customer.

The company has invested significantly to achieve a strong presence abroad, creating branches in some of the most important markets and building a dense network of distributors and agents in the most strategic geographical areas.

Matec operates in a market characterized by solid underlying trends, driven by the growing attention to the environment and the strengthening of regulations on wastewater treatment and the circular economy in general, which is pushing companies to increasingly invest in being ESG compliant and eco-friendly, and by a greater penetration of dry-stacking filtration technologies and filter presses.

Value Creation Strategy

Further develop the potential of the company through a process of strengthening the organization and management to support expected future growth.

Consolidate Matec’s international presence, strengthening the commercial area and leveraging the group’s positioning in order to penetrate the less served countries and sectors more deeply.

Develop possible additional business lines such as after-sales, rental business and centrifugal pumps through the subsidiary Alfa Pompe.

Improve production efficiency, the financial management of the group and the internal reporting system in line with IGI standards.

Use Matec as a starting point for a buy-and-build project with further acquisitions in Italy and abroad in order to expand the product range and expand into new or currently underserved markets.

Value realization

Exit through sale to an industrial operator or to another financial operator.