Tramec S.r.l., founded in Calderara di Reno (Bologna) in 1986, is focused on the design, production and distribution of gearboxes for industrial applications.

The main sectors of application are automation, packaging, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food & beverage (for which a special antibacterial product has been developed) chemical/plastics, marine, mineral and others.

The company employs around 130 people and a large part of its sales is generated abroad. The annual production of over 130,000 pieces is sold in more than 70 countries, with Europe accounting for 90% of turnover abroad, while 50% of total sales are in Italy.

Tramec invests around 5,000 hours annually in R&D, developing specific projects for customers, product upgrades and innovations.  It has recently launched a new line of GHA gearboxes targeting the food sector, with a patented surface treatment of the alloys, specific processing and an innovative layout which create an antibacterial surface, high resistance to corrosion, high thermal conductivity and high surface hardness.


Sale process launched by the company; beauty contest which included other financial and industrial investors. 

Transaction Structure

IGI acquired Tramec through a leveraged buy-out with the reinvestment of the entrepreneur and Managing Director, Leo Girotti in a minority share.

Investment Rationale

Tramec has a strong competitive position mainly thanks to the well-known qualities of its products and high level of customer service in terms of flexibility, speed of response and delivery.

The company is recognised as a reliable and consolidated operator by the market, with products of high precision and functional quality.

It supplies diversified and fragmented markets specialized in automation, mechanical and robotic processes.  These markets are predicted to see long-term structural growth.

The company’s solid know-how in engineering and assembly, together with the importance it attributes to R&D and quality control, enable Tramec differentiate its products from competitors and keep the portfolio up to date.

Tramec has invested heavily in order to execute the most critical phases of production internally, thus ensuring a level of quality and service which guarantees the high standards appreciated by its customers.

The opportunity of creating a platform deal to include other acquisitions with the aim of increasing both the product range and the integration of the company so as to align it with the larger players in the market.

Value Creation Strategy

Further develop the potential of the company through a process of strengthening the organization, freeing it from an entrepreneur-centred management and building a managerial structure.

Upgrade the internal reporting system to IGI standards.

Use the company as a starting point for a buy & build strategy aimed at creating a highly specialized and integrated player capable of offering the market complete motion system solutions instead of stand-alone products.

Consolidate the company’s international presence and penetrate the less well-served markets, strengthening the commercial structure of the company and exploiting the cross-selling synergies created by the buy & build process.

Acquisition of Ber.Mar S.r.l. in November 2021.  Acquisition of Varmec S.r.l. in December 2023.

Value Realization

Exit through trade sale or secondary buyout.