Tramec S.r.l., a company based in Calderara di Reno (near Bologna) active in the design, production and marketing of gearboxes, led by CEO Leo Girotti and in the portfolio of IGI Investimenti Sei since June 2021, continues its consolidation plan with the support of IGI for the creation of an outstanding Italian player in the motion control sector.

Following the acquisition of MT Motori Elettrici and Bermar, Tramec has made a third add-on, Varmec S.r.l. based in Thiene (near Vicenza), having held a minority stake since 2000.

With the acquisition of Varmec, the Tramec Group aims to reach a turnover of € 70 million, the basis for further expansion, both internally and through acquisitions, expected in the coming years.

Varmec has been active since 1980 in the production of helical gearboxes, pendulum gearboxes, mechanical and belt variable speed drives and in the production of direct current electric motors.

Varmec’s product range is well suited to the Tramec group, allowing a further step towards the group’s strategic evolution from a supplier of products (gearboxes) to become a complete and integrated market leader in motion control.

Waldi Franzon will remain at the helm of Varmec, flanked by Leo Girotti (CEO of Tramec), with the aim of ensuring continuity in relations as well as integration with Tramec.

Leo Girotti commented on the acquisition: “I am very pleased to confirm and further consolidate Varmec’s role in the Tramec family.  By acquiring control, we intend to support the company in its future development, aiming for product, commercial and organizational synergies with the rest of the group.”

Waldi Franzon added: “I think it’s an important step for Varmec. Becoming part of a solid, important group recognized by the international market can only create new synergies that will certainly give impetus to new projects for common growth.”

IGI is active in the management of private equity funds specialized in investments in small and medium-sized Italian industrial manufacturing companies through majority transactions. The Tramec Group is the fourth investment of the IGI investimenti Sei fund, for which IGI has raised €170 million.

Cerina Studio Legale provided legal support for Tramec on the deal.